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Hamburg, 18 August 2020

maxingvest reports solid performance in 2019


In financial year 2019, maxingvest ag increased its Group revenue to €10,771 million (previous year: €10,381 million). In nominal terms, revenue improved by 4%, and organically by 3% year-on-year.

The maxingvest group generated EBIT of €1,137 million (previous year: €1,185 million), for an EBIT margin of 10.6 % (previous year: 11.4 %).


Tchibo grows its earnings

Tchibo is developing better than planned in the year under review – the 70th in its history. In the anniversary year, the company continued to grow its Coffee business. The consumer goods business slackened slightly. At € 3,118 million, revenues were not quite 1% (organically and nominally) below the prior-year figure of € 3,148 million.

The progress made in consolidating the business was also reflected in the operating result (EBIT). EBIT increased significantly again, in particular due to improved contribution margins. At €134 million, it exceeded the prior-year EBIT by €54 million. The EBIT margin grew to 4.3 % (previous year: 2.5 %). An optimised strategy for the sales and product range was the biggest contributor to this result.

Beiersdorf increases revenues

Beiersdorf improved its revenues from €7,233 million to €7,653 million. In nominal terms, Group revenues increased by 6 % year-on-year (organic: 4 %). The higher revenues resulted from both divisions. The Consumer division generated revenues of €6,274 million (previous year: €5,890 million), nominally 7% higher year-on-year and 5% higher in organic terms. tesa improved its revenues by 3 % in nominal terms and 1 % organically, from €1,343 million to €1,379 million.

At €1,095 million, Beiersdorf’s EBIT excluding special factors was slightly below the prior-year level (€1,113 million); the EBIT margin was 14.3% (previous year: 15.4%). The Consumer division generated adjusted EBIT of € 883 million (previous year: € 903 million), while the EBIT margin was 14.1% (previous year: 15.3%). tesa reported adjusted EBIT of €212 million (previous year: €210 million) and an EBIT margin of 15.3% (previous year: 15.7%).



With regard to the 2020 financial year, the economic effects of the corona virus pandemic cannot be reliably estimated for Tchibo and Beiersdorf at this time.


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About maxingvest:
The maxingvest Group comprises the holding company maxingvest ag and the two operating companies Tchibo and Beiersdorf. The holding company is family-owned and, as a management holding company, focuses on strategic corporate manage-ment. maxingvest ag owns 100% of shares in Tchibo GmbH and controls more than 50% of the voting rights in Beiersdorf AG.

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